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The panel TTS Pro 2

Here my review of the new panel TTS Pro from Giuseppe Sapori

15mm f/2 D-Dreamer VS 15mm f/4 Macro

Laowa produces 2 different kind of 15mm lenses. Which one better fits your needs? Is it worth to have both of them?

Laowa 4mm FishEye - a different lens

Not the every day lens, but a little and cheap add-on that should be in the kit of every photographer

Affinity Photo - The real photoshop alternative

My impressions about Affinity Photo from Serifs: the real Adobe Photoshop alternative

How to do image blending the correct way

HDR and image blending are not the evil. But we have to pay attention to some little details, in order to avoid the terrible fake effect we can see on many shots

Laowa 10-18mm C-Dreamer Review

My impressions on this ultra wide angle from Venus Optics. A complete review and a test on the field of the ultra wide angle lens Laowa 10-18mm in FE mount. Pros and cons of an extreme lens from Venus Optics

How to stack and align images to create panoramas

How to take panorama shots. and which free tools to use to align and stack multiple images, to create a seamless panorama shot

Haida M10 system holder review

M10 is the new filter holder system from Haida. The vendor introduced many new things, like drop-in filters. Pros and cons of the new system

Drone photography - a different view

In a photography world where creativity and new ideas seem to be over, drone photography can be a great way to change our mindset

Madeira photo tour

Discovering Madeira Island, an incredible photography location in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. Perfect for photo tours, seascapes and mountains shots

Haida ND4.5 review

The review of the 15 stops Neutral Density filter, an incredible piece of gear from Haida

15mm: Venus Laowa VS Irix Firefly

A direct comparison between Venus Laowa 15mm f/2 Zero-D and Irix Firefly f/2.4, two great ultrawide angle

How to stack images for nightscapes and milky way - PART 2

A technique to create noise free nightscapes, stacking multiple images for both the subject and the starry background, using Sequator free software

How to stack images for nightscapes and milky way - PART 1

Learn the technique to shot noise-free nightscapes, following simple advises

My photography backpack - tommaso Di donato

a detailed description of everything I have in my backpack when going shooting. Photography gear, useful items and related links

Filters: quick tips for landscape photographers

Square or screw-on filters are great friends of every landscape photographers. Here there are few uncommon tips to use them in the best possible way

A different photography location: Isola d'Elba

Discover a marvellous island rich of history, beauty, and most of all a lot of photography spots. definitely perfect for our landscape photography and long exposures

Why I stand against social photography

Just some thoughts about the pervasive habits of so many "photographers" to make an entire "photography work" based on social modes or social interactions only. Destroying Nature, creativity and real photography

14mm: the comparison of 3 UWA: Samyang XP vs Venus Laowa

Samyang 14mm XP vs Venus Laowa 15mm Zero-D

Tilt Shift I love you!

Impressions on Samyang 24mm tilt shift lens

First impressions on Haida big stopper

Testing Haida ND1000 ND3.0 for long exposure and no color casting

Zen and the art of digital blending

How to digital blend multiple shots to reduce noise and expand dynamic range

Sony SEL 2470Z vs Sony SEL 24240

A quick review of the all-in-one zoom from Sony, and a comparison with the sony zeiss 24-70Z. pros and cons of a versatile zoom lens from Sony

Switching to Sony

Why I decided to pass from Nikon D610 to Sony a7R

Testing Samyang 14mm f:2.8 - a cheap UWA lens

Some quick tests on the cheap Ultra Wide Angle lens from Samyang. 14mm f:2.8