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Haida and Laowa ambassador; partner photographer of "Il Fotoamatore"


Silver prize (second place) atPX3 2020 PX3 silver prize


Honorable mentions (4) at IPA 2019 honorable mention IPA2019


Honorable Mentions (2) at IPA 2018 honorable mention IPA2018

Bronze Award at Epson Pano Awards 2018Bronze award at Epson Pano Awards 2018


Honorable Mentions (3) at IPA 2017 honorable mention IPA2017

Honorable mention at Moscow International foto Awards (MIFA 2017) Honorable Mention at MIFA2017


Honorable mentions (4) at IPA 2016 ![](

Testimonial for Haida filters & gear 

Finalist in Siena Photography Awards 2016

September 2015

Honorable mention at IPA 2015

Photographer of the week on Landscape Photography Magazine

July 2015

Repubblica (a famous italian newspaper)


March 2015

Camerapixo Black and White Fine Art  (online and printed international photo magazine and inspiration source)

Landscape Photography Magazine (online photo magazine)

February 2015

Camerapixo Exploring Landscapes - Issue 2 (online and printed international photo magazine and inspiration source)

December 2014

Camerapixo We Inspire - Vol.4 (online and printed international photo magazine and inspiration source)

June 2014

Noi Due Imaging - Online photo magazine -

April, 2014

Lens Folio - Online high quality photography magazine

December, 2013

Photography Blogger - Online blog and photography e-zine 

November, 2013

Camerapixo Hot Shots - Vol.2 (online photo magazine and inspiration source)

September, 2013

Me vs Photography (great italian photo blog, curated by Elisa Contessotto)

July, 2013

Inspiration Hut (Art and Design blog focused on providing daily inspiration) (photography magazine) 

May, 2013

Best Top Photographers (online magazine)

Photo Extract (online photo worldwide selection)

March, 2013

Photo Extract 

February, 2013

Photo Extract

January, 2013


December, 2012

Photo Extract

Photo Extract 2nd